Rory Kinnear

Actor, Playwright, Musician, Singer, and Director


Rory appeared in several radio plays and readings for BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4 etc.


Amazonia (BBCR3, 2010) Rory Kinnear, Michelle Dockery, et al.
Afternoon Play (BBCR4, 45min., 2009): The Moment you feel it Richard Brier, Rory Kinnear, et al.
The Wire (BBCR3): The Gold Farmer by Ed Harris Rory Kinnear, Paul Courtenay Hyu et al.
Good evening: Behind "Beyond the Fringe" (by Roy Smiles) Rory Kinnear, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Addy and Jonathan Aris
Crooked House by Agatha Christie (4x30min, from 2008) Rory Kinnear, Anna Maxwell Martin, et al.
HE Bates - Fair Stood the Wind for France (BBCR4, from 2009, 2x1h) Rory Kinnear, Louise Brealey, et al.
Flaw in the Motor, Dust in the Blood (BBCR7, 45min., 4.1.2010), by Trevor Preston Rory Kinnear
Simon Bovey - Slipstream (BBCR4, from 2008, 5x30min) Rory Kinnear, Rachel Atkins, et al.
Elizabeth Gaskell -  Ruth (BBCR4, from 2010, 3x1h) Rory Kinnear, Laura Rees, Anton Lesser, Anne Reed, et al.
Robin Baker - Elephant and Castle (BBC4X, 45min., 2012) Rory Kinnear et al.
Flare Path (BBCR3, 90min, from 2011) by Terrence Rattigan Rupert Penry Jones, Rory Kinnear, Ruth Wilson et al.
Spitfire! (BBCR4, 60min., 2010) by Mike Walker Samuel West, Samuel Barnett, Rory Kinnear and Ruth Wilson
Doctor Who: Industrial Evolution (BBC4X, 2016) Colin Baker, Rory Kinnear et al.



The King James Bible (BBCR4)

Rory Kinnear, Niamh Cusack, et al.
Live and let die (007 audiobook), by Ian Fleming, (2013) Rory Kinnear
Words and Music: Hallelujah (BBCR3, 14.11.2010) Rory Kinnear and Jane Horrocks

Words and Music (BBCR3, 2007)

Rory Kinnear and Sarah Kestelman
Words and Music: There will be blood (BBCR3, 11.8.2013) Rory Kinnear and Indira Varma
Red Herring, Series 2.1: Unwanted Presence (BBCR4X, 15min., 15.5.2012), by Lynda LaPlante Rory Kinnear

Barcarolle (BBCR3, 20min., 2010), by Polly Samson

Rory Kinnear
Black Vodka (BBC International Short Story Award 2012, short listed, BBCR4X, 21.09.2012), by Deborah Levy Rory Kinnear

Book of the week: Falling Upwards by Richard Holmes, abridged by Jill Waters

Stories of the first balloon adventures,5x15’ from 20.5 until 24.5.2013

excerpts read by Rory Kinnear
Open Book (BBCR4, 24.4.2011): Edward St Aubyn, with Mariella Frostup excerpts read by Rory Kinnear
iPM (BBCR4, 24.12.2011) Emilia Fox, Rory Kinnear, Diana Rigg and Kenneth Cranham read short stories inspired by listeners' lives and written by listener Calum Kerr
Words and Music: Eminently Victorian (BBCR3, 1.7.2012) Rory Kinnear and Anna Maxwell Martin
Words and Music: Labyrinth (BBCR3, 75min., 27.3.2011) Rory Kinnear and Anna Maxwell Martin
Words and Music: The seven deadly sins (BBCR3, 75min., 10.12.2017) Rory Kinnear and Adjoa Andoh
Audiobook: Ian McEwan: In a nutshell (2016) Rory Kinnear
Audiobook: Felicia Yap: Yesterday (2017) Rory Kinnear and Indira Varma
Audiobook: Anthony Horowitz: The Word is Murder (2017) Rory Kinnear
Audiobook: Fear - edited by Roald Dahl  (2017) read by Rory KinnearJulian Rhind-TuttTom FeltonKevin Eldon



Private Passions (BBCR3, 13.10.2013)


Imagine: The Trouble with Tolstoy 1/2 (BBC1, April 2011)

Rory reads excerpts from Tolstoy's diaries from earlier age



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