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Rory Kinnear - I came across him at the National Theatre in London for the first time, when he appeared in Thomas Middelton's play "Revenger's Tragedy". The next big part was Mitia in a stage version of "Burnt by the Sun" where he appeared opposite Ciaran Hinds and Michelle Dockery. Here, he not only impressed with acting but with a fantastic singing voice and piano play.

The next acclaimed stage successes were Angelo in "Messure for Measure" at the Almeida and the long-awaited Hamlet at the National Theatre. Both earned him an "Evening Standard Theatre Award" and an Laurence Olivier Award Nomination for Hamlet.

In May 2011, he was preparing to appear on screen as Bollingbroke in "Richard II". The BBC film aired this film beginnung of July 2012. He has also revived the part of Bill Tanner in the upcoming Bond film "Skyfall".

Rory Kinnear, after the first preview of Measure for Measure at the Almeida Theatre, London (12.2.2010), photo: EvG

Statue of Laurence Olivier as Hamlet in front of the National Theatre at the Southbank of the Thames, photo: EvG

Next, he starred as Jago opposite Adrian Lester's Othello at the National Theatre to wides acclaim of audience and critics.

In June 2013, he experienced unforeseen popularity when Rory was rumoured to be considered as the next Dr. Who, which the BBC soon after denied. In 2016 he guest starred in the Dr. Who radio play: Industrial Evolution for BBC Radio 4 Extra.

In Summer 2015, he starred in the Kafka play "The Trial at the Young Vic Theatre, London, on whose board he serves since 2011. He has filmed together with other high-profile actors and the artistic director of the Young Vic David Lan two spoof shorts for the the theatre: "Life's a pitch"(2013), in which he "promotes" a musical about David Beckham's life after football, in which he shows off his singing ability, and "The Roof" (2016) - about the embarrassing behaviour of admiring fans.

From September 13th until October 26th 2013 his debut play will be staged at the Bush Theatre in London. Howard Davies who directed Kinnear in "The Last of the Haussmans" and "Burnt by the Sun" (both National Theatre) will direct "The Herd".

In Summer 2016, he recorded the third series (6 episodes) of the BBC 2 sitcom "Count Arthur Strong" alongside Steve Delaney at the Pinewood Studios near London.h In the second series e delivered the song "Moonriver" with his baritone singing voice.

He made use of his singing voice to great acclaim at the National Theatre production of the "Threepenny Opera" in 2016, which was after Hamlet (2010), Last of the Haussmans (2012) und Othello (2013) the fourth production live broadcasted on the 22.9.2016 to cinemas around the world. Due to copyright restrictions (thanks to the Brecht and Weill estates) no playtext is available and NO recording of the fabulous soundtrack will be made with such an amazing cast: Rory Kinnear as Macheath (with a bit of ad libing after the interval about contempory politics, "Brexit"), Rosalie Craig  (very pregnant at the end of the run and less mobile) as Polly, Nick Holder as Mr. Peacham (as cross dresser), Haydn Gwynne as Mrs. Peacham (amazing acrobatics! vocally and physically), Sharon Small as self-destructive Jenny (her Scottish adds to the broken character and she  is in charge of the Buster Keaton inspired stunt) with a wonderful voice. Debbie Kurup as Lucy delivers a fiece vocal battle with as Rosalie Craig. Peter de Jersey as Tiger Brown and Matt Cross as Officer Smith are the comical characters. Mack's gang and the ensemble provide strong support. George Ikediashi with his breathtaking voice opens the show with the legendary "Mack the knife" song.


While his main focus was so far on stage work with the occasional supporting role in TV films like "The curse of steptoe and son" or "Secret Smile", he recently appeared the Bond movie "The Quantum of Solace" or had leading roles in "Women in Love" alongside Rosamund Pike and Racheal Stirling  or "First Men in the Moon" alongside writer and co-star Mark Gatiss.

Highly acclaimed for his diction he also did in various radio plays and readings for BBC Radio 3 and 4, "Amazonia" (BBC Radio 3, 2010) about the author and "King James Bible" (BBC Radio 4 Jan 2011)

In the summer of 2012 he starred alongside Julie Walters and Helen McCrory in "The Last of the Housemans", a new play by Stephen Beresford, that opened on the 19.6.2012 at the National Theatre, London. The play is about an old hippie (Walters) who is facing her childrens accusations of not having a normal family life.

After the first preview, 12.June 2012, photo: EvG


On BBC Radio 4 he can be heard in "HE Bates - Fair Stood the Wind for France" (first aired 15 and 22.Nov. 2009), 2x 1h (Classical serial) 17. and 18.July on BBC Radio 4 extra 10am.


Rory Kinnear after Threepenny Opera (27.6.2016), photo: E.v.G.

While in reviews Mack was shot by the blackmailed king (which I personally found highly satisfactury), with the press night the production returned to the original story of the celebration of the mighty - even when bad. I could have done without the Wagnerian viking helmets but found other later additions (bloody sand bags, swinging lights for the battle) an improvement. Due to her increasing baby bum Rosalie had to abandoned climbing onto the piano and reduce the dancing with Mack.

Autumn 2017: With the new play "Young Marx" with Rory Kinnear in the title role was the new Bridge Theatre next to the Tower Bridge eröffnet. The play written by the Richard Bean and Clive Colman deals with the exile years of Karl Marx and his family and Friedrich Engels in London in an entertaining play. 


Photo: E.v.G. - Christmas Eve 2017

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