Rory Kinnear

Actor, Playwright, Musician, Singer, and Director

He has a son (born during his run of Hamlet) and a daughter (born some weeks before the Olivier Awards 2014)  with his partner, actress Pandora Colin. She appeared in "After the Dance" at the National Theatre along side Benedict Cumberbatch, Nancy Carroll, John Heffernan, The Dark Earth and the Light Sky opposite Hattie Morahan at the Almeida and The Vote at the Donmar (broadcast live on election day on More 4).

He plays trumpet and piano and has a wonderful singing voice. 

He played piano in the stage production of "Man of Mode" and "Burnt by the sun", both at the National Theatre and sang in "Burnt by the sun" and "Threepenny Opera", both National Theatre.
He has done German up to his A-Levels, which proved useful for several plays by German authors (Don Carlos by Schiller, The Trial by Kafka, Threepenny Opera by Brecht/Weill).

He is good at fencing (Hamlet/Laetes, Hamlet/Hamlet) and dancing (Man of Mode and Threepenny Opera).

He has been on the Board of the Young Vic (since approx. 2011) and has appeared there in two short films ("Life is a Pitch" & "The Roof") and on stage in "The Trial" (2015).


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